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  • 「無双・M U S O U」

「無双・M U S O U」


「無双・M U S O U



Since 2019 The Corona Virus has been ravaging the world, and took a huge toll on many artists and companies. This had led to the loss of opportunities for international exchange.


In the meantime, IT and AI technologies have made remarkable progress, and people have started to consume AI created art.

However, valuing our sensibilities more, and enriching our minds with artistically valuable things is what we must do to be true humans.


We have refined our intelligence and built a unique culture in Far East Asia. And now, we begin to take on new challenges.


A new Japanese glasses brand was launched by fusing Sabae’s history of glasses making technology, and the sensibility of a Japanese artist.

The new brand’s name is “MUSOU”, meaning, "No two are same".


Unique, high-quality, one and only sunglasses that make full use of Japanese art and technology. That is "MUSOU".



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